Patron of the Sphingidae Site

The "Sphingidae of the Americas" website is brought to you by Bill Oehlke and the World's Largest Saturniide Site.

Both the "Sphingidae of the Americas" and the "Catocala Website" are on web space which I personally rent from The annual rental fee is approximately $100.00 U.S. ($125.00; 2014 rate).

I am not affiliated with any university/museum/research center, etc. I am not receiving any grants to develop the sites. The work and expenses are my own.

I am very thankful for the many images that people have been sending, some for identification purposes, some to enhance the sites. All images used on the site remain the property of the respective photographers.

Quite a few knowledgable people have also been sending sighting reports and these are a great help in accumulating data which is important in its own right and also helps me to make interpolations to create useful county by county checklists for the United States. New pictoral checklists are created/updated as new images/data are submitted. This is an ongoing process.

If you would like to become a "Patron of the Sphingidae Site" with a one time donation of a dollar (or any amount), please send donation to

Bill Oehlke
155 Peardon Road
Montague, Prince Edward Island C0A 1R0

Email: Bill Oehlke

U.S. banknotes, personal checks are fine. If you write to me (email or snail mail), you will not receive any requests for donations. I will simply try to help with identification or answer the question(s) you pose. This page is my sole request for financial support for the site.

Many thanks to those who have sent id donations in the past.

I will begin in August 2006 to create a "Patron of the Sphingidae/Catocala Site" list. It will be updated once every six months and will include categories for photographic support, extensive data submissions and financial contributions. First posting will be in December of 2006.

Over the next several months I will begin to go through the files to compile a list of the many photographers who have contributed their work to the site, and the many collectors/observors who have sent extensive data.

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This website has been created and is maintained by Bill Oehlke without government or institutional financial assistance. All expenses, ie., text reference support material, webspace rental from Bizland, computer repairs/replacements, backups systems, software for image adjustments (Adobe Photoshop; L-View), ftp software, anti-virus protection, scanner, etc. are my own.

I very much appreciate all the many images that have been sent to me, or of which I have been granted permission to copy and post from other websites. All images on this site remain the property of respective photographers.

If you would like to contribute to the maintenace of this website by sending a contribution to

Bill Oehlke
Box 476
155 Peardon Road
Montague, Prince Edward Island, C0A1R0

your donation would be much appreciated and would be used for
1) paying for webspace rental;
2) paying for computer maintenance and software upgrades;
3) purchases of additional text reference material (journals and books) in anticipation of expanding the site to a worldwide Sphingidae site;
4) anything left over going to humanitarian aid.

If you are mailing a check from USA, please use $1.10 (2013) $1.15 (2014) or current postage rate. Donations can also be made through Paypal via the button below.